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Safety Equipment

Having the right safety equipment is key to going faster. We have helmets, harnesses, communicators, steering wheels, quick releases, competition seats, and much more.

  • Trac-Com Instructor Speaker Kit

    Features S9 Noise Cancelling Microphone. Includes mounting hardware. Requires adapter cable, sold separately. (By default, we ship the IMSA style connector. If you would like the NASCAR style connector, please use the contact form to check availability.)

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  • main unit Main unit, boom mic is not included

    Trac-com Intercom System

    Adaptable to many applications. Manufactured and tested in Mooresville, NC. The Trac-Com is the solution for racing intercoms and driver to passenger communications! A recent Discovery Parts comparison against the Chatterbox Tandem Pro II gave the...

    $125.00 - $318.99
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  • Trac-Com Student Boom Mic

    Just plug the headset boom in and slip up into your helmet and that's it! This unit is designed to last. You won't have to worry about the cable pulling out of the housing anymore due to its heavy duty design and solid components. No adapter cable...

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  • Sparco 6 Point Belt Harness

    Sparco 6 Point Belt Harness

    Sparco’s full line of harnesses works in unity with their competition seats. Crafted from high-quality fabric and fitted with durable fasteners, each harness restrains the body for added safety and protection. The 6-point Hans-compatible...

    $375.00 - $390.00
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  • Sparco Evo Competition Seat

    Sparco Evo Competition Seat

    The Evo Competition Seat has the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Sparco and the Evo seat line. The Evo was designed and developed with extensive input from some of the most prestigious DTM and ITC championship drivers...

    $800.00 - $825.00
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  • CravenSpeed Chimex

    CravenSpeed Chimex

    STOP THE BEEP! Laser cut steel. Installs in seconds Great for track cars with 6 point harnesses! URN OFF THE BEEPING This false buckle is the easiest way to turn off the alarm in your car that goes off when you have heavy items on your passenger...

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  • G Force 6 pt HANS harness

    G-Force 6 Point FIA HANS Harness

    G-FORCE Racing Gear is proud to introduce this new, dual rated FIA & SFI 16.5 premium harness belt system to be added to the Pro Series lineup. This set is a dual-sub, 6 mounting point system with pull-up lap adjustment.  6-Point Dual Rated...

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  • Pinch Weld Jack Pad

    Torque Solution Pinch Weld Jack Pad

    Torque Solution Pinch Weld Jack Pad is designed to fit the pinch weld on most uni-body vehicles. Use of our jack pad will help prevent damage to your vehicles pinch weld or rocker panel that can occur when using a hydraulic jack. NO MORE FLATTENED PINCH...

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  • Torque Solution Wheel Lug Guide Tool

    No more having to try to balance the wheel while installing the 1st bolt to secure it and hope the wheel doesn't fall on you. Lug bolt guide tools are used to ease the installation of the wheels on your vehicle. Simply screw in your lug bolt guide...

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  • Chatterbox full face helmet headset

    Chatterbox Headset for Full Face Helmet

    Headset for permanent mounting inside your helmet. Features padded ear pieces and microphone cover. The mic cable has a connector to the ear pieces that can come unplugged over time. We recommend wrapping the connector in electrical tape before...

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  • Chatterbox open face helmet headset

    Chatterbox Student Boom Headset

    Boom mic headset for use with the ChatterBox Tandem Pro 2 Headset (sold separately.) We recommend using a zip-tie or electrical tape to tie the boom and cord together. Students tend to pull the headset out of their helmet by the cord and this will...

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