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MINI Gen 1 (2002-2006)

Parts for the first generation (2002-2006) BMW MINI Cooper S.

The R53 MINI Cooper S is a hoot to drive right out of the box. We can help you make it even better. Here's where to start: sway-bar, pulley, intake, exhaust, and brake pads. If you have a non-JCW car, those five items will give you 90% of JCW performance for about a third of the cost and won't require reprogramming of the ECU. Once you've taken care of the basics, check out our suspension offerings. If you have already upgraded your SC pulley, consider an ignition upgrade next: MSD high performance coil, Super Conductor Wires, and one-step colder Spark Plugs. We specialize in parts for the Supercharged Cooper S models (Hardtop 2002-2006 & Convertible 2005-2008), but many parts fit all models. Check each listing for application details.

  • Borla Cat-back Exhaust for R53 MINI

    Borla Cat-back Exhaust for R53 MINI

    BORLA Type-S / Type-S II Cat-Back & Rear Section exhaust systems feature patented straight-through and multi-core technology to unleash hidden horsepower. Increased exhaust velocity adds power, driving excitement, fuel economy, and a distinctive more...

    $892.99 - $900.99
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  • Hella Fog Lamps Hella Driving Lamp

    Hella Auxilary Lamps

    HELLA auxiliary lamps are legendary for their ruggedness and dependability. Every lamp must pass a series of endurance tests before it can be branded "HELLA". HELLA's top selling 500FF Series lamps have everything it takes to be HELLA: world-class...

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  • Hella Fog Lamps for Gen 1 MINI

    Hella Stock Fog Lamps for Gen 1 MINI

    Direct OEM replacement fog lamps for all first generation MINI models with factory fog lamps. If you're skilled with wiring, they can be added to cars that did not come with them from the factory, but that requires a bit of splicing and creative wiring...

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  • Torque Solution Wheel Lug Guide Tool

    No more having to try to balance the wheel while installing the 1st bolt to secure it and hope the wheel doesn't fall on you. Lug bolt guide tools are used to ease the installation of the wheels on your vehicle. Simply screw in your lug bolt guide...

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    Alta Front End Links Alta Rear End Links

    Alta Adjustable Front or Rear End Links

    This vital connection between the sway bar and the trailing arm is often overlooked when building the suspension on your MINI. This is especially unfortunate as even the best sway bar, best tires, etc. will be underused and depreciated without this...

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    Alta Light Weight Crank Pulley for R53

    The ALTA Lightweight Crank Pulley is engineered to increase horsepower and torque on your R53. The 0% Stock Sized pulley is a lighter rendering of the stock crank pulley which will not wear out engine bearings or the oil pump, and will not add...

    Was: $139.95
    Now: $124.95
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  • NRG SRK-650BK NRG Quick Release 3.0

    NRG Quick Release 3.0

    Introducing SRK-650BK NRG's new generation 3.0 Quick Release with its new sleek design offers style and functionality that surpasses all previous versions. With the addition of the two larger levers, steering wheel removal has never been easier. The...

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  • NRG Short Hub Adapter

    NRG Short Hub Adapter

    NRG Innovation has developed another complement to our quick release steering kits. These units were designed specially so that an aftermarket steering wheel installed with the quick release kit still mounts in the same location, not too close to the...

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  • Sparco Bolt Set

    Bolt sets are available to mount your seat mounts to the base or slider. (Reuse your stock bolts to mount the base to the chassis.)  If you plan on using track sliders with each seat, then but two bottom mount kits and one side mount kit per seat...

    $7.00 - $10.00
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  • Sparco Circuit II Seat Sparco Circuit II Competition Seat

    Sparco Circuit II Competition Seat

    The Circuit II LF is an wider version of the Circuit which is an ultra-light competition seat specifically designed for circuit use. Made from aramadic fibers-reinforced fiberglass, the Circuit II LF has an ultra-light shell. The Circuit II LF includes...

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