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MINI Gen 1 (2002-2006)

Parts for the first generation (2002-2006) BMW MINI Cooper S.

The R53 MINI Cooper S is a hoot to drive right out of the box. We can help you make it even better. Here's where to start: sway-bar, pulley, intake, exhaust, and brake pads. If you have a non-JCW car, those five items will give you 90% of JCW performance for about a third of the cost and won't require reprogramming of the ECU. Once you've taken care of the basics, check out our suspension offerings. If you have already upgraded your SC pulley, consider an ignition upgrade next: MSD high performance coil, Super Conductor Wires, and one-step colder Spark Plugs. We specialize in parts for the Supercharged Cooper S models (Hardtop 2002-2006 & Convertible 2005-2008), but many parts fit all models. Check each listing for application details.

  • Tapless Adapters

    CravenSpeed Tapless Oil Pressure Sender Adapter

    TAPLESS OIL PRESSURE ADAPTER Perfect for installing an oil pressure gauge, the Tapless Adapter sits in line with the sensor for the ECU. Instead of drilling a hole in your oil filter housing, just screw the adapter in place and attach the sender to...

    $50.00 - $75.00
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  • G Force 6 pt HANS harness

    G-Force 6 Point FIA HANS Harness

    G-FORCE Racing Gear is proud to introduce this new, dual rated FIA & SFI 16.5 premium harness belt system to be added to the Pro Series lineup. This set is a dual-sub, 6 mounting point system with pull-up lap adjustment.  6-Point Dual Rated...

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  • F53 Engine Mount by Torque Solution R56 Engine Mount by Torque Solution

    Torque Solution Lower Engine Mount

    With Torque Solution engine mounts you will see and feel a difference in your vehicle. These mounts are made out of high grade billet aluminum material and steel. You can rest assure that with our superior material and design you will get optimal...

    $129.95 - $134.95
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  • Autometer two gauge pod Autometer Two Gauge Panel

    Autometer Two Gauge Panel

    Two Gauge Panel for Autometer 52mm Gauges.  Fits under Toggle switch panel on Gen 1 MINIs.  See this blog post for details. MINI used to make an auxiliary gauge pod that fit really nicely below the toggle switches without interfering with...

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  • autometer boost gauge

    Autometer UltraLite Boost/Vacuum Gauge

    The standard in the industry, AutoMeter’s Mechanical Boost/Vac Gauges have found their way into more builds than any other. Using a patented, high precision bourdon tube meter movement, there isn’t another gauge on the market that can lay...

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  • Autometer Ultralite Oil Pressure Gauge

    Autometer Ultralite Oil Pressure Gauge

    Quite possibly the most critical vital to monitor, engine oil pressure can mean the difference between making it home and needing to replace the engine. The patented air core meter movement provides the durability and accuracy that you expect from...

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  • Autometer UltraLite Oil Temperature Gauge

    An engine running a high oil temperature will fail, as proven time and time again. Monitoring this critical parameter ensures that you are running the correct weight oil and that your oil cooling system is performing properly. Highly accurate and...

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  • Autometer Voltage Gauge

    Autometer UltraLite Voltmeter Gauge

    Keep tabs on the health and output of your vehicles electrical system safely and accurately. With a patented air core meter movement, this gauge operates with category defining accuracy anywhere from 8-18 volts on negative ground electrical systems...

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  • Autometer Water Temperature Gauge Autometer UltraLite Water Temperature Gauge

    Autometer UltraLite Water Temperature Gauge

    A high water temp can be detrimental to an engine. Heat is the enemy of performance and reliability. Keep tabs on your temps with the most trusted water temperature gauge on the market. AutoMeter’s advanced 1/8” NPT temperature transducer is...

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