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MINI Gen 1 (2002-2006)

Parts for the first generation (2002-2006) BMW MINI Cooper S.

The R53 MINI Cooper S is a hoot to drive right out of the box. We can help you make it even better. Here's where to start: sway-bar, pulley, intake, exhaust, and brake pads. If you have a non-JCW car, those five items will give you 90% of JCW performance for about a third of the cost and won't require reprogramming of the ECU. Once you've taken care of the basics, check out our suspension offerings. If you have already upgraded your SC pulley, consider an ignition upgrade next: MSD high performance coil, Super Conductor Wires, and one-step colder Spark Plugs. We specialize in parts for the Supercharged Cooper S models (Hardtop 2002-2006 & Convertible 2005-2008), but many parts fit all models. Check each listing for application details.

  • Hotchkis 25.5mm Adjustable Tublar Rear Swaybar

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22810R 2002-2013 Mini Cooper Competition Rear Sway Bar. Fits MINI Hardtop models 2002-2013. The Competition Rear is a massive 25.5mm tubular 4130 chrome moly sway bar weighing in at only 5.5 pounds! Recommended for...

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  • Hotchkis Sport Rear Camber Links

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension 13800 Sport Rear Camber Links for 2002-2013 Mini Cooper and Copper S have an adjustment range from zero to negative four degrees for increased rear grip are fully built and pre-set to the stock length with grease-able bushings...

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  • Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can, 2-Port, Black

    Mishimoto Baffled Oil Catch Can, 2-Port, Black

    An oil catch can is a great way to keep oil out of your intercooler and this Mishimoto can is the perfect size for the MINI and it's at a reasonable price. The downside? No kit.  You're on your own to plumb the thing. Fortunately, the process is not...

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  • Sparco 6 Point Belt Harness

    Sparco 6 Point Belt Harness

    Sparco’s full line of harnesses works in unity with their competition seats. Crafted from high-quality fabric and fitted with durable fasteners, each harness restrains the body for added safety and protection. The 6-point Hans-compatible...

    $375.00 - $390.00
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  • Sparco Evo Competition Seat

    Sparco Evo Competition Seat

    The Evo Competition Seat has the quality and performance you’ve come to expect from Sparco and the Evo seat line. The Evo was designed and developed with extensive input from some of the most prestigious DTM and ITC championship drivers...

    $800.00 - $825.00
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  • SPC Adjustable Front Camber Plates

    Now it is possible to adjust the your camber with a full range of camber kits. These kits will provide positive or negative change for camber and/or caster and/or toe. To install, simply remove the OE assembly, and replace with the SPC Components...

    $355.00 - $391.50
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  • Autometer Oil Temperature Sender

    If you want to install a mechanical aftermarket oil temperature gauge, you need a sender. Most gauges include one in the box, but if yours didn't or you need a replacement, then this is the sender for your.  For MINIs, use with a CravenSpeed Oil...

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  • CravenSpeed Chimex

    CravenSpeed Chimex

    STOP THE BEEP! Laser cut steel. Installs in seconds Great for track cars with 6 point harnesses! URN OFF THE BEEPING This false buckle is the easiest way to turn off the alarm in your car that goes off when you have heavy items on your passenger...

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  • CravenSpeed Oil Temperature Sender Adapter

    OIL PAN ADAPTER If you want to install an oil temp gauge, getting the temperature from your oil pan is now simple. Just install the temp probe into our specially machined adapter, then replace the drain plug in the oil pan with them paired together...

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