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MINI Gen 1 (2002-2006)

Parts for the first generation (2002-2006) BMW MINI Cooper S.

The R53 MINI Cooper S is a hoot to drive right out of the box. We can help you make it even better. Here's where to start: sway-bar, pulley, intake, exhaust, and brake pads. If you have a non-JCW car, those five items will give you 90% of JCW performance for about a third of the cost and won't require reprogramming of the ECU. Once you've taken care of the basics, check out our suspension offerings. If you have already upgraded your SC pulley, consider an ignition upgrade next: MSD high performance coil, Super Conductor Wires, and one-step colder Spark Plugs. We specialize in parts for the Supercharged Cooper S models (Hardtop 2002-2006 & Convertible 2005-2008), but many parts fit all models. Check each listing for application details.

  • Gen 1 Gen 3

    CravenSpeed Shift Well Cover

    SHOW OFF THAT SHIFTER Perfect mate for our Adjustable Short Shifter Easy installation can be done inside the car. REBOOTED There's more than one way to protect your shifter housing; yet so many cars come with the same old shift boot from the...

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  • CravenSpeed Shifting Retainer Clip Pro

    CravenSpeed Shifting Retainer Clip Pro

    CravenSpeed Made Shifting even better, again.  Machined acetal body with laser cut stainless steel retaining tabs. Fits all standard transmission MINIs produced after 12/03. A Solid Upgrade When swapping out the stock shifter in your MINI...

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  • NGK Iridium X Plugs Set of 4

    NGK Iridium X Plugs Set of 4

    The Iridium IX is a single electrode plug and is available as a 'colder' range plug for modified Cooper S models with 15% or 17% reduction SC pulley. Iridium plugs are considered better than Platinum because of increased durability and a higher melting...

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  • MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Plug Wires

    MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Plug Wires

    8.5 mm Super Conductor Plug Wire Set for 2002-2006 Cooper S (R53): Copper alloy conductor has a resistance value of less than 50 ohms per foot for superior spark Ferro-magnetic impregnated core creates an effective EMI choke Forty feet of conductor...

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  • MSD High Performance Ignition Coilpack

    For 2002-2006 MINI Cooper S (R53), direct replacement coil and super conductor plug wires designed with improved materials and windings to produce a stronger output. More spark = more power!   Features: This improved spark helps burn the...

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  • Alta Diverter Black Alta Diverter Red

    Alta Intercooler Diverter

    ALTA Performance has developed an aggressive intercooler air diverter for your Supercharged MINI Cooper. While the stock hood scoop and plastic intercooler diverter may do a reasonable job for the average MINI buyer, the more serious enthusiast will...

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  • Alta Tensioner Stop

    Alta Tensioner Stop

    Why do you need an ALTA Tensioner Stop? Simple! At some point in your MINI's life, the serpentine belt that drives the Supercharger and AC, will fail. When it fails, the OEM belt tensioner mechanism plunges into the crank pulley, destroying the...

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  • Indurator Indurators

    CravenSpeed Indurators

    ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT MUSHROOMING. Laser cut steel. Prevents strut tower mushrooming. TOO MUCH G FORCE Whether you are competing at an autocross or driving on a Sunday afternoon your MINI is at risk. Even if you already have some STD's, you may...

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  • Stock Size 2% Overdrive

    CravenSpeed Light Weight Crank Pulley

    LIGHT IS RIGHT Lightweight 6061 aircraft aluminum construction. Black Anodized finish LIGHTWEIGHT CRANK PULLEY The CravenSpeed stock size pulleys are stock diameter (OEM sized) crank pulleys, utilizing the original belt layout. Since the crank...

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  • Strut Tower Defenders for R50 and R53

    CravenSpeed Strut Tower Defenders

    AN EASY WAY TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE HANDLING. 1/2-inch aluminum plate to prevent deformation. 10 minute install with no lift required. TO GO OR NOT TO GO Whether you are competing at an autocross or driving on a Sunday afternoon...

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