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Suspension & Wheels

The stock MINI sport suspension is pretty good for occasional track use.  Consider a rear swaybar and adjustable camber plates as your first steps. Then lowering springs or coilovers along with camber arms in the rear. 

  • H&R Wheel Bolts for 12mm Spacers Black

    H&R Wheel Bolts Type 12 X 1.5 Length 40mm Type Tapered Head 17mm - Black. Use this size with 12-15mm spacers. Check backside of hub to make sure it doesn't protrude too far, but is fully engaged. Also available in Chrome and in lengths of 35mm...

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  • Indurator Indurators

    CravenSpeed Indurators

    ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT MUSHROOMING. Laser cut steel. Prevents strut tower mushrooming. TOO MUCH G FORCE Whether you are competing at an autocross or driving on a Sunday afternoon your MINI is at risk. Even if you already have some STD's, you may...

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  • Strut Tower Defenders for R50 and R53

    CravenSpeed Strut Tower Defenders

    AN EASY WAY TO PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT AND MAXIMIZE HANDLING. 1/2-inch aluminum plate to prevent deformation. 10 minute install with no lift required. TO GO OR NOT TO GO Whether you are competing at an autocross or driving on a Sunday afternoon...

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  • H&R RSS Coilover Suspension for MINI

    H&R RSS Coil Over for Gen 1 MINI

    H&R RSS Coil Overs are designed and tested on the famous Nürburgring, and are for the performance minded driver that requires the most vehicle feedback. The result is flat cornering and supreme directional control—a perfect choice for the...

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  • H&R Sport Springs

    H&R Sport Springs offer the handling characteristics and aggressive appearance that you’ve been looking for, without the harsh ride characteristics of less-advanced spring systems. H&R Sport Springs feature more control and are engineered...

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  • Alta Rear Swaybar Alta Adjustable Rear Swaybar

    Alta Adjustable Rear Swaybar

    ALTA Sway Bars are made from solid steel using the latest precision bending equipment. The entire bar is heavily powder coated to fight corrosion and give it a deep red finish. Alta laser cuts and MIG welds their bar ends for precise placement. This type...

    $207.00 - $229.50
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  • Eibach 19mm 2-Way Adjustable Rear Swaybar

    Complete your suspension upgrade with an Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit. While our Pro-Kit and Sportline spring sets are regarded as the primary suspension enhancement components, the Eibach Anti-Roll-Kit allows critical fine-tuning of your cars handling...

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  • H&R 27mm Non-Adjustable Front Sway Bar

    H&R Sway Bars are truly something special in the world of automotive suspension components. Using specialized machines designed by H&R, H&R Sway Bars are formed perfectly for each and every application, ultimately providing an unmatched level...

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  • Hotchkis 2-Way Adjustable 27mm Front Sway Bar

    Two-position adjustable this tubular front bar is perfect for those who want to dramatically decrease front roll while at the same time transforming the initial steering input from fairly vague to very precise. Fits all first generation MINIs:...

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  • Hotchkis 25.5mm Adjustable Tublar Rear Swaybar

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22810R 2002-2013 Mini Cooper Competition Rear Sway Bar. Fits MINI Hardtop models 2002-2013. The Competition Rear is a massive 25.5mm tubular 4130 chrome moly sway bar weighing in at only 5.5 pounds! Recommended for...

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  • Hotchkis Sport Rear Camber Links

    Hotchkis Sport Suspension 13800 Sport Rear Camber Links for 2002-2013 Mini Cooper and Copper S have an adjustment range from zero to negative four degrees for increased rear grip are fully built and pre-set to the stock length with grease-able bushings...

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  • SPC Adjustable Front Camber Plates

    Now it is possible to adjust the your camber with a full range of camber kits. These kits will provide positive or negative change for camber and/or caster and/or toe. To install, simply remove the OE assembly, and replace with the SPC Components...

    $355.00 - $391.50
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