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Add a CravenSpeed Flex Pod and Autometer Gauges, CravenSpeed Short shifter, and if you're going all-in, Sparco seats and harnesses.

  • Gen 1 Gen 3

    CravenSpeed Shift Well Cover

    SHOW OFF THAT SHIFTER Perfect mate for our Adjustable Short Shifter Easy installation can be done inside the car. REBOOTED There's more than one way to protect your shifter housing; yet so many cars come with the same old shift boot from the...

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  • CravenSpeed Shifting Retainer Clip Pro

    CravenSpeed Shifting Retainer Clip Pro

    CravenSpeed Made Shifting even better, again.  Machined acetal body with laser cut stainless steel retaining tabs. Fits all standard transmission MINIs produced after 12/03. A Solid Upgrade When swapping out the stock shifter in your MINI...

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  • CravenSpeed Chimex

    CravenSpeed Chimex

    STOP THE BEEP! Laser cut steel. Installs in seconds Great for track cars with 6 point harnesses! URN OFF THE BEEPING This false buckle is the easiest way to turn off the alarm in your car that goes off when you have heavy items on your passenger...

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  • MINI Seatbelt Bolt MINI Front Seatbelt Bolt

    MINI Front Seatbelt Bolt

    If you are trying to install harnesses in a Gen 1 or Gen 2 MINI, then you need to figure how to install an eyelet in the outboard position. Since MINI uses fine threads, there aren't a lot of existing options, but you can have one fabricated.  This...

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